Facebook | Book Review: Tradition With a Twist

Review By: Catherine Smith,    – May 11, 2010 “In the process of
simplifying traditional quilt patterns for our 21st century cutting
and sewing techniques, Blanche Young and Dalene Young Stone
have created a new and popular series of classics. Blanche has been
writing and simplifying classics for several decades and her instructions
for Irish Chain and Sunshine and Shadow quilts have always been head
and shoulders above others who write on the subject. Now, with her
daughter, Dalene, she has seven or eight different classic quilts and
their derivations simplified for speed cutting and batch sewing.  The
instructions, graphics and photos could not be better.  Even a relative
novice with patience and attention to detail can, with Blanche and
Dalene’s help, produce a near masterpiece if the fabrics are right.
The public has received this book enthusiastically and Cotton Club
even offers precut and complete kits of various descriptions utilizing
the Blooming Nine Patch instructions. I have used the book and, just
like its early predecessors by Blanche Young, it takes all the
mathematical mystery out of these favorite quilts, it makes the
purchase of fabrics easier, and it makes the actual building of the
quilt nearly foolproof for quilters of all levels of skill.
I highly recommend it.”���

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