Book review – Color Play by Joen Wolfron

Book Review
Color Play
by Joen Wolfrom

Who could have imagined that an enthusiastic,
well informed and well written chapter could be
done on each of the major colors? There is a
world of information here on color in design including
all of its characteristics with charts and illustrations,
plus new and gorgeous quilt photos.  The photos
and graphics in this book are superb.  The typeface,
layout, continuity and cohesion are all excellent. 
The amount of thought and knowledge that have
gone into this volume are obvious. This is not a
quick and easy and fun book.  It is a valuable reference
that should be in every quilter’s library.  When we are
barraged by too much choice in fabric, this book is a
great help.  And it can also be useful as verification of
individual choices made on fabrics and combinations
of colors. This is a go to every day book and a basic
necessity for quilters.

Catherine Smith
September 3, 2010

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