Book Review – Quilted Symphony – Gloria Loughman


Book Review
Quilted Symphony

        Quilted Symphony is a comprehensive how to for
creating an art quilt from start to finish.  With excellent chapters
on design and color, it really shines in Gloria’s takes on construction,
surface decoration and painting on fabric.  There are illustrations
and photos throughout to help you along.  Even if there is no art
quilt in your immediate future, this quilt artist’s generous sharing
of her know how on fusing, stabilizers, decorative stitching and
machine adjustments for all of the applications is valuable as
reference material.  The chapter on painting is irresistible fun.
And the final chapter contains projects and lessons using the
author’s methods.  Sometimes we need inspirational encouragement
to move out of our comfort zones.  Gloria Loughman presents a
readable and enjoyable roadmap to do so.

Catherine Smith
September 5, 2010

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