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Quilting Evolution

Every so often I come to a point where I am not quilting

for profit, am mostly caught up and can do what I please.

So, accumulate preferred reading, make to do list and

design a quilt.  It has been a journey in doing the design

part, starting at the beginning when the agenda was to

perfect technique, conquer the new and develop an

individual style.  Skills, tastes and style all evolve and

mature.  My current mindset on quilt design is almost

always medallion style, whether patchwork or applique.

I generally have an idea for the center and the color

choices though the finished size requires some serious math

and critical decisions as to the size of the borders, the empty

spaces and the total correlation and symmetry.  This brainstorming

part of the design process is the most difficult and the one that

I enjoy the most.  It will be a bride’s quilt with four twenty inch

appliqued blocks appliqued in a traditional motif in modern fabrics,

set on point with generous pieced borders harmonizing in color and

size with the midtone pastels of the applique.  The field is that creamy

indistinct pale pastel swirly color something like summer sky.  It will

be one of a kind in keeping with the promise I made to myself when a

freshman.  Photos later.

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