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The Quilt Encyclopedia is a lush art book with premium paper, printing, photography and content. 8 1/2 x 11, 145 pages, 266 illustrations, 200 full color photos. Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Forward by Robert Bishop and Elizabeth Warren, Copyright Museum of American Folk Art, isbn0-8109, 1457-4. Although this volume qualifies as a coffee table/art book, it is so much more than that. Carter Houck needs no introduction, she is known to the quilt world and the art world alike. She knows everything and writes like a dream with no pretense or self serving. What can I say, the book is just plain beautiful. A joy to have, hold and savor in small doses or large gulps. It contains excellent information on every quilting topic under the sun, with illustrations and photography: pithy but comprehensive and just enough to whet your appetite if the subject matter needs more in depth plumbing for your particular purposes. There is nothing cute or trendy about this book, it is a reference book for serious quilters and collectors. It has stood the test of time being a decade old, but its age does not show. It is, of course, pre longarm quilting and some of the gadgets and videos so prevalent today. If you are committed to quilting and/or collecting this book is a must have.


Carter Houck is a native of the Commonwealth of Virginia where she was schooled in fashion designing. She worked for pattern companies, wrote sewing columns and did free-lancing writing. In 1970s she became editor of Lady’s Circle Needlework and in 1974 she began editing Lady’s Circle Patchwork Quilts. With photographer Myron Miller she wrote the book American Quilts and How to Make Them in 1975. She has several other books to her credit and is presently writing a column on Museums and Quilts for Quilters Newsletter Magazine.

Carter has judged many quilt exhibits. Her hobbies include mountain hiking and sailboat racing. She has moved back to her home state, living in Charlottesville with her husband, Grant Holt.

Carter Houck

Pattern maker, designer, editor, author and coauthor of numerous books. Inducted in 1990 at the Continental Quilt Congress, Falls Church, Virginia.

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