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February 20, 2012 Newsletter. Mid-month (SHORT EDITION)

Most of our smaller spools have a button or snap-on end piece which serves as a catch to hold the thread ends. This snap-on end piece is removable but it does not need to be removed. Just slide the thread in between the spool and end piece and the thread will stay secure until the next use.  To view a 1-minute video showing this feature, please click here.

EDUCATION:  Part 2: Rayon vs. High-sheen Trilobal Polyester
In the previous newsletter (Feb. 10), we discussed the qualities of rayon vs. polyester.  Rayon is not the preferred thread for sewing or embroidery because it is weak and in most cases is not colorfast. Thanks to Anita Zobens, Superior Educator in Canada and one of only seven Superior Educators in the world, we have some photos showing the colorfastness of rayon vs. polyester.

Three common threads were stitched.  The right-hand section of each stitched portion was then treated with common laundry bleach.  The rayon thread immediately faded when bleached.  Both polyester samples proved to be colorfast even when treated with bleach.

If you like rayon thread, remember that it usually is not colorfast.  If advertising claims it is indeed colorfast, remember that a company’s definition of colorfastness may not be the same as your definition.

Characteristics of Polyester Thread
Resistant to stretching and shrinking
Resistant to most chemicals
Quick drying
Crisp and resilient when wet or dry
Wrinkle resistant
Mildew resistant
Abrasion resistant
For more information about polyester, please visit our webpage.

If not rayon, then what?  Because we cannot take the chance of our thread fading, running or bleeding, we do not use, sell, or recommend rayon thread.  The better choice is trilobal polyester. Trilobal poly has the same high sheen as rayon or silk, but is stronger and colorfast.  It costs more than rayon, but the quality and peace of mind are well worth it. Our trilobal polyester threads include HighlightsNature ColorsLiving Colors, Rainbows (variegated), and Art Studio Colors.
See Specials below for sales this month.

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