How to Become a Handbag Designer


How to Become a Handbag Designer

Handbags can range from simple and utilitarian to all flash and fashion, and
everything in between. If you intend to design them, learn both ends of this
spectrum. Then, combine the different elements into new and different designs all
your own.
Determine whether you want to design handbags as a hobby or as a profession.
Your handbag habits could also be a little of both, making handbags in your spare
time to sell for a bit of extra money.
Sharpen your sewing skills.
Get a sewing machine and learn how to use it.
If you’re short on cash, used sewing machines can be a very good deal. You don’t
need a lot of fancy stitches or computerized embroidery to learn to sew. Ask
around and see if someone you know has one you could have or borrow, perhaps
in exchange for doing some mending for them. Check garage sales and thrift stores
in your area, too. Sewing machines are pretty durable. Learn to wind a bobbin and
thread your sewing machine. Learn a little hand sewing, too, at least enough to
sew a button, though this can be done by machine. Buttonholes can also be done
by hand or machine. Invest in a good pair of sewing scissors. Start making your
own bags from patterns. Try a denim purse, a tote bag, a patchwork or applique
bag and a drawstring bag for some good introductory projects. Notice how the
pieces fit together to form the shapes of the bags.
Try making some of the less conventional bags. Recycled and reclaimed materials
give their own unique character to bags. What other materials and objects could
you turn into a bag or purse?
A bra purse
A placemat purse
A map purse
A book purse
A duct tape purse


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