Quilt Bibliography II

Quilt Bibliography II

Here is a list of the most used and reused
books in my quilt reference library:

The Quilter’s Album of Blocks and Bord: ers,
Jinny Beyer, EPM Publications.

Hands All Around: Quilts from Many
Nations, Robert Bishop, Karey P. Bresenham
and Bonnie Lean, EP Dutton.

Patchwork Portfolio, Jinny Beyer, EPM

The American Quilt, Roderick Kiracofe,
Clarkson Potter Publishers.

American Quilts and Coverlets, The
Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Plain and Fancy, Richard L. Cleveland
and Donna Bister, The Quilt Digest

The Art Quilt, Penny McMorris and
Michael Kile, The Quilt Digest Press.

The Quilt Encyclopedia Illustrated,
Carter Houck, Henry R. Abrams, Pub.

Feathered Star Quilts, Marsha McCloskey,
That Patchwork Place.

Mariners Compass, Judy Mathieson,
C & T Publishing.

Floral Applique, Nancy A. Pearson,
Quilt House Publishing.

All of Barbara Brackman, All of Yvonne Porcella,
All of Ellie Sienkiewicz, All of Blanche Young.


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